Increase Your Home’s Value With Water-Wise Upgrades

With the current drought conditions looking set to remain in Zimbabwe, drilling a borehole is becoming essential. Many homeowners are already feeling the pinch in their gardens with yellowed lawns, drooping foliage and pools with low water levels that are starting to make buyers think twice about some homes. 

Increase Your Home’s Value With Water-Wise Upgrades

In fact, with a little bit of planning and some smart investments, water-guzzling liabilities could be turned into assets once more. 

In every crisis, there is also opportunity, and the current drought is no exception to that rule. By adapting to the situation and installing a borehole in their homes and gardens, there is a good chance that quick-thinking property owners could increase the resale value of their homes. 

Cost of water-saving upgrades may not always have a 1:1 return. 

“Buyers don’t see a home with a borehole and decide that they’ll pay $5000 more for it, but they might see a home with a beautiful garden, in the midst of other homes with dead grass and trees, and decide that a higher asking price is fair and worthwhile.” 

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