Borehole Flushing in Zimbabwe

What is borehole flushing OR clean out? It’s a process that comprises highly compressed air being forced into the borehole forcing sediment and debris out of the hole.

Why do you need to flush your borehole? There is a vast number of reasons, why you need to flush your borehole.

One of these reasons is when your drill your borehole and its left for over a year without installation or covering it well. It could lead to high chances of residue building up in the borehole, which in turn can cause server damage to the pump if it’s sank in and switched on, as it will suck in the residue that would have accumulated over time.

Upon installation always do a pump run to clean out all the water that will be in the casing before connecting it to the main system. This process ensures that all the dirty water is pumped out and all that will be left is the clean coming directly from the earth streams through recovery. 
Borehole Flushing in Zimbabwe
Borehole Flushing in Zimbabwe 
Depending on the depth and size of casing a borehole for example 40 metre holds from 600 to 800 liters of water or 70 metre can hold up to 1700 liters of water and all that water has to be pumped or flushed out before connecting to the system.

We extremely encourage that the pump be protected if your borehole is drilled in areas that contain red fine soils or pit sand with a filter that will surf out any debris or particles from entering the pump. If this is left unchecked chances of mud or dirt entering your tank are high and it could be hard to remove the dirt from the tank. Leaving your water with a brown like color or brown particulars. Which brings us to another way you know that your borehole needs flushing/ clean out.

How do you know you need to do Borehole Flushing/Clean Out?
If you notice that the water is brown in color, has a milky like texture, smells funny or starts to taste weird all these are signs that the borehole needs flushing. This can be due to lake of maintenance, siltation caused by ground movement or it can be that the man - hole cover is not properly closed or secured so that it wont allow ground water spillage into the hole. Its recommended that maintenance on a borehole be done once a year, especially during the rainy season because siltation occurs mostly this time. And the ground would be soft making it easy for loose sand particles to slide through the perforations of the casing.

How to tell if a borehole clean-out/ flush has been successful?

No smell in the water
Water should be clean
Borehole Flushing
Borehole Flushing in Zimbabwe 
If you want to do a do it at home test on how clean the water is, you take a clean transparent and clean bottle and fill it up with the borehole water and leave it for at least 6 hours to settle. After 6 hours check to see if the water is clean or has brown particles floating around or on the bottom. If you see brown particles the clean-out did not work but if you see clean water the flush was successful. 

The some test can be also be used if you want to check if you need to flush your borehole.
But to do a thorough water test of water to see if it's safe for human consumption, contact us to do run tests on your water sample and we will advise if your water is safe for drinking. If its not safe and there are treatments we will recommend and install filters that we protect you water.

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