Solar Powered Borehole Installation in Zimbabwe

As a global initiative of promoting green energy projects by the vast majority of governments. 

We at DrillForce Drilling pride ourselves in taking part in this grand-scale program by installing solar-powered boreholes. Our expertise and knowledge have put us on the pinnacle of solar-powered borehole installations.

Solar Powered Borehole Installation in Zimbabwe
Solar Powered Borehole Installation in Zimbabwe

Not only are we providing clean water to our communities but we are taking full advantage of the planet's biggest natural resource in providing low-cost, clean, good hygiene, healthy environment-friendly solutions that benefit our society at large. So, the big QUESTION that comes to mind is:

In what ways can solar-powered boreholes be beneficial?

1. Eco-friendly

First and foremost they are eco-friendly as they don’t produce pollution in comparison to fossil fuel-powered (generator) ones which can affect the health of people living with allergies or asthma.

2. Cost-effective

It is cost-effective. Saves on monthly bills and its low-cost maintenance

3. Not affected by power cuts 

They are not affected by power cuts giving you peace of mind, no need to worry about long hours of load shedding even electrical faults that can affect your water supply

4. Ideal for remote locations

Over the years communal settlers could not even dream about installing borehole in the home because most of them are located far off the grid that they have no access to electricity making it impossible to install an electrical powered borehole. 
Solar Powered Borehole Installation 09
Solar Powered Borehole Installation
Now we have people from all corners of the country with access to clean water hence our motto: Borehole Drilling Resources for Rural and Urban Water Supply. So solar powered boreholes are highly ideal for remote locations.

5. Economic Growth

Building new infrastructure like power grids, substations, cost of installing cables and transformers is very expensive for the government mostly in remote areas and low populated areas with low production that benefit the economy.  

Solar Powered Borehole Installation
Solar Powered Borehole Installation

Hence installing solar-powered boreholes is greatly beneficial for the growth of the economy as its saves money that can be reallocated to other areas of major concern like improving health facilities, building schools and road rehabilitation for easy access to communities in such areas

6. Less effort

Do more with less effort, as the years went by there has been a large decrease in manually operated boreholes. With more and more local governments and councils seeking to invest in solar-powered boreholes.   


7. Irrigation 

Hottie culture farmers have benefited from this type of borehole, which allows them to irrigate their crops all year round without worrying about the changing climate which has affected the normal rain seasons

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