Exploring ground water and how it can be harvested as an Alternative Water Supply Source 

Drilling a borehole on your property may not solve all of the world’s water crisis, but what it can do when combined with a complete water supply strategy is provide an alternative source of clean water for daily consumption while also relieving some of the demand pressure on municipal water systems. Borehole Drilling helps reduces the impacts of the storm water flows that continue to plague cities around the our country. 

Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe

In the current water supply paradigm, individuals pay to bring water in, often from far away and pay to get rid of it once it is used just once. 

This is the paradox of complex but unsustainable urban environments. Often, water supply strategies are built on two misguided principles: 1) water is cheap and infinite, and 2) water must be supplied to users through a one-way system. Both principles represent an outdated vision that must be changed to meet the realities of the modern world today.

Like it or not, a new paradigm has arrived, and it is a seismic departure from old, wasteful methodologies. To better manage the earth’s most valuable natural resource—water—industry leaders must take deliberate strides away from supplying water through one-way centralized municipal sources. These should be replaced with systems that are supplemented with site-collected and generated water.  

Consider the number of times in recent years that public water systems have been interrupted in cities and built environments around the world. Or when, after natural disasters, the local population has no access to clean water. Consider in March 2019, Cyclone Idai, brought torment and devastation to the Manicaland Province Zimbabwe. Sadly, those communities are still rebuilding and some places still do not have their water supply infrastructure rebuilt. 

Water Supply Concerns 

Even in Zimbabwe, there are big problems. Especially the capital city of Harare and other major cities, the public water system was delivering water contaminated and unsafe to drink. The public trust was broken, and this was due to human negligence and apathy. It was an error of huge proportions. 

Alternative Water Supply

It may be a challenge, borehole drilling could change cities for the better. Envision how cities country wide could function from a hydrodynamic standpoint if this were the case. Consider the possibility of a radically different relationship between humans, land and water supply. Rather than thinking of groundwater and recycling systems as components added to a property, ground water could be seen as tools to generate water from underground. 

Borehole Drilling and water reticulation systems could be integrated into building function from the outset, not as add-on or retrofitted systems. This is the paradigm shift that affects everything from the economics of groundwater harvesting, sanitary and clean water management tied to population growth. 

Adoption of this proposed new model also would challenge old definitions of waste. All the water used for cleaning, washing and drinking would be reused in addition to the use of groundwater.

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