Getting To Know Types Of Siting With Drillforce Drilling

Groundwater survey otherwise known as water siting, this is an exercise done to give details and findings of the survey.

Sitting is done using 3 methods such as Traditional sitting, Zeo water Detection, PQWT Geo Profiling.

Traditional siting is a method which is used for water siting it has many instruments such as glass bottle with water to find underground water. Other instruments are using copper rods to find underground water these methods are good but they are not 100% accurate such are the new methods.

Getting to know types of siting with Drillforce Drilling
 Getting to know types of siting with Drillforce Drilling 

Zeo water Detection is a new method of sitting in the borehole industry and is still being looked into. Study says its a pool finder it get most of its good results when it locates a pool underground, the disadvantage is that a pool carries certain amount of water and if it doesn’t have tributaries or streams that feed it that pool is not beneficial to the client.

PQWT is a siting machine that we Drillforce Drilling has confidence in positive results that you won't regret. PQWT is the upgrade of traditional siting it is a machine that analyzes data found on the ground.

PQWT a machine that use copper rods wire cables all the data found is implemented on a graph that is analyzed by geologists in choosing the right position for borehole to be placed
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