The Trusted Name In Borehole Drilling In Zimbabwe - DrillForce Drilling

DrillForce Drilling is one of the leading provider of geotechnical drilling across Zimbabwe, with over two decades’ worth of experience.

DrillForce Drilling is dedicated to meeting the water needs of community area properties and best service so you can have safe and clean water at your doorstep. Our goal is to insure that everyone is drinking clean water to quench their thirsty. 

Borehole Drilling is to reach an aquifer or water source deep below the ground, but that’s not where the drilling stops. To ensure the borehole will have ample supply and long life, we will continue to drill below the water table. Bedrock boreholes are usually between 60 and 120 metres but in some cases can be more than 120-meter-deep.
The Trusted Name In Borehole Drilling In Zimbabwe - DrillForce Drilling
The Trusted Name In Borehole Drilling In Zimbabwe - DrillForce Drilling

After completion of borehole drilling follows installation of plain and perforated casings. Casings are long pipes made of steel or plastic which line the new well to prevent collapse during drilling and contamination of the water below. Between the borehole wall and the casing is a two-inch gap called the annulus. This is filled with gravel pack to prevent contaminants from the surface getting into the borehole and ruining the water source supplying it.

Borehole drilling is our specialty since day one, For years we have been offering our service to help both domestic and commercial clients to own their own private water supply without a hustle. For years we have maintained our brand by not selecting clients, our brand has and still working with the public sector organisations to multi-national corparations and even households and we have always been delivering expesional results.

Trust in DrillForce Drilling for positive results our aim is to quench your thirst with safe clean water from DrillForce Drilling.
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DrillForce Drilling Enjoys An Excellent Reputation For Its High Standards Of Workmanship and Thoroughness Of Service. We Are A Team Of Professional Drillers. Sales Team
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