What You Should Consider When Siting A Borehole

Sitting is an exercise done on a given property to produce details and finding of the site survey done on the given land or property.

Siting is an activity done using machinery called PQWT this machine can detect water underground for more than 300 meters down and it highly recommended by others borehole drilling companies including us DrillForce Drilling. Facts you should consider before or when siting a borehole, to get good results are:

1 Chose a reputable company:

Before doing sitting first know the reputation of the company you want to engage, get opinions from others clients who have boreholes. Visit their website look into their jobs old and new, go on Facebook such a Drillforce Drilling Offcial Page, look into their reviews of the jobs done the comment section as well.
What You Should Consider When Siting A Borehole
What You Should Consider When Siting A Borehole

2 Type of sitting method

Know the type of siting method to be used, you want know the reason why they are recommending that type of siting, compare their results bad or good results.

For example here at DrillForce Drilling we recommend PQWT because it can detect water 300 meters underground, it also produce a detailed profile graph showing results of the given land of different possible points and a potential point to drill.

3 Delivery

The end result speaks large volumes of the company, a client expects results, workmanship, trustworthy partner and mostly the end results after siting done and drilling results.

We as DrillForce Drilling our clients can speak for us because we specialize in excellence Workmanship and providing Alternative Water Systems at your doorstep.
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