Getting To Know About Borehole Casing

Borehole casing is protecting or securing your borehole from collapsing of lose formations or ground movements of continental plates.

Why is borehole casing important.

Borehole casing is important to borehole because it plays a vital role on the borehole. Casing prevents borehole from collapsing in making sure that loses formation is kept outside the borehole, lose formation cause’s the borehole silting and producing dirt water.

Getting To Know About Borehole Casing
Getting To Know About Borehole Casing

There are 2 types of casing that most drilling companies uses

1 Steel Casing

This is a metal casing that is 180 mm in diameter this type of casing uses specific methods when using them.

Steel casing is heavy when casing and can be dangerous if safety measures have not been taken into action and well trained personnel on how to use and case and handling it.

Steel casing is strong and can last for years and years but steel casing react with water which results in rusting and by rusting it may contaminate the water inside the borehole which may cause diseases.

2 PVC Casing

It is made out special mixture of particles and ingredients to produce a strong plastic casing to with stand underground pressure, underground movements.

PVC casing is produced in different pressure classes to accommodate everyone quantity, quality, value and durability.

There is Class 6 , Class 9 and class 10 to you is it seems like just numbers but the higher you go the stronger the casing it all depends on how long you want your borehole to last.

Most clients do understand why we DrillForce Drilling recommend them to go for class 10 casing because its the strongest when it comes to resisting ground movements and it’s durable and it has grantee.

Why Class 10 Not Class 6

Class 6 is made of less strong components in the manufacturing process and it is light in weight and easily broken. Class 6 is easily affected by ground movements of plate tectonics which may result in casing broken.
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