Getting to know about irrigation with DrillForce Drilling

DrillForce Drilling pride ourselves in drilling boreholes and AC and DC installations but we don't stop there we are taking part in this grand-scale program by installing Irrigational Systems. 

Our expertise and knowledge have put us on the pinnacle of Irrigational installations.

There are different types of irrigation practised for improving crop yield. These types of irrigation systems are practised based on the different types of soils, climates, crops and resources. The main types of irrigation followed by farmers include:

Getting to know about irrigation with DrillForce Drilling
Getting to know about irrigation with DrillForce Drilling

Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system, as its name suggests, sprinkles water over the crop and helps in an even distribution of water. This method is much advisable in areas facing water scarcity. Here a pump is connected to pipes which generate pressure and water is sprinkled through nozzles of pipes. 

Water is distributed from a central location by overhead high-pressure sprinklers or from sprinklers from the moving platform.

Drip Irrigation

In drip irrigation water is applied to each plant through a network of pipes under low pressure, drops of water are delivered near the roots of the plants. This type of irrigation is rarely used as it requires more maintenance. In the drip system, water supply is done drop by drop exactly at roots using a hose or pipe. This method can also be used in regions where water availability is less.

Surface Irrigation

In this system, no irrigation pump is involved. Here, water is distributed across the land by gravity.
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