Functions Of Pressure Gauge On A Borehole.

A pressure gauge is a device used to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid within a piece of equipment they are connected to. They are usually found in a range of equipment including pipework, filters, pressure vessels, and Pumps.

A pressure gauge is a device that measures the pressure in a gas or liquid. Pressure gauges are widely used all over the world in industrial environments because of their affordable price.
Functions Of Pressure Gauge On A Borehole.
Functions Of Pressure Gauge On A Borehole.

If an air pressure gauge only indicates that a pump is running, it is not needed, since one can hear and see that. If the gauge indicates the pressure (or pressure drop) in the process, that information is valuable only if one can do something about it.

If one approaches the specification of pressure gauges with this mentality, the number of gauges used will be reduced. If a plant uses fewer, better gauges, reliability will increase.

Failures and Pressure Gauges

Two common reasons for gauge failure are pipe vibration and water condensation, which in colder climates can freeze and damage the pressure gauge housing.

The delicate links, pivots, and pinions of a traditional gauge are sensitive to both condensation and vibration. The life of the filled pressure gauge is longer, not only because it has fewer moving parts

Types of pressure gauges

Commercial Gauges

The high reliability of the pressure gauges is chiefly attributed to the unique Spring Suspended Movement. The entire movement is suspended between two springs, the Bourdon tube above and the link below. Wearing parts have been reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, these movement parts are ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated with silicone oil to ensure long cycle life.

General Service Gauges

Sustained accuracy and excellent readability are important user features of the General Service Gauge line. Meeting the requirements of many industrial applications, General Service Gauges can be used on steam boilers or other pressurized vessels
Functions Of Pressure Gauge On A Borehole.
Functions Of Pressure Gauge On A Borehole.

Liquid Fillable Utility Gauges

PGUF series liquid fillable utility gauges are designed for a wide range of applications on pumps, compressors, hydraulic systems, machine tools, and petrochemical processing equipment. For high shock and vibration applications, the PGUF can be liquid filled in the field to dampen the gauge pointer movement. Gauges feature a corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel case and ring, and a durable polycarbonate window.

Protective Accessories

the pressure gauge should be heated by steam or electric tracing. Chemical seals protect the gauge from plugging up in viscous or slurry service and prevent corrosive, noxious, or poisonous process materials from reaching the sensor. They also keep the process fluid from freezing or gelling in a dead-ended sensor cavity. The seal protects the gauge by placing a diaphragm between the process and the gauge

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