Pump Electrical Systems!!

The flow of electricity is like the flow of water in your water pump. The voltage is similar to pressure and amperage is similar to gallons per minute. Resistance in the wire is similar to the friction loss in a pipe. These values can be combined in both series and parallels to achieve the desired effect.

A hole in a pipe causing a leak is similar to a ground fault which leaks electricity. Wattage or load is similar to flow and pressure combined, and measured in watts. There may be similarities, but there's one big difference: a hole in a water pipe will get things wet, but a hole in insulation can result in an electrical shock hazard.
Pump Electrical Systems!!
Pump Electrical Systems!!

One important difference between water and electric systems is that an electrical system is closed – that is, the flow of a current should never leave the system. If it does leave the system, that's called a ground fault. A water system, however, is open. In most cases, we discharge the water and it leaves the system.

In your water pump motor's electrical system, the AC voltage will be in the form of alternating voltage. Most residential power is a single phase, which is typically indicated by the single sine wave, with a voltage alternating between a positive 120V to negative 120V, 60 times a second. 

This form of power allows us to raise or lower the power with a transformer which isn't possible with DC electricity.

As voltage passes through an object, there's a drop in the voltage due to resistance. This is true for AC and DC. A set of contacts in a switch will show a minor drop across them when closed, and full voltage reading when open. This fact can be used to test overloads to see if they're open or closed when power is being supplied.
Pump Electrical Systems!!
Pump Electrical Systems!!

With multiple loads and series, the loads will share the voltage and depending on the proportions of the loads, the voltage could be half on each load.

Consider a series of switches where you apply multiple switches to control or power a device. If either of the switches is open, the circuit will not be energized. The load will not be energized unless both switches are closed. 

This may be applied to a pressure switch and float switch when the tank is calling for water. The pressure in the line indicates the pressure is satisfied, and even though the tank is empty, the pump won't run at this time.

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