The Importance of Non-return on a borehole.

It is a mechanism designed to allow the flow of water into the system and also act as a valve on the borehole and the water system installed.

Non-return is a major fitting in the borehole industry especially on installation when the borehole has been drilled but now left to the hands of the installation team to bring the water up and into the system

The Importance of Non-return on a borehole.
The Importance of Non-return on a borehole.

That’s when the non-return is most needed and used, Yes some pumps do indeed have the mechanism of a non-return built on them and some don’t have that.

What Is A Non- Return

A non-return is a metal pipe coated with gold paint and it is measured in 1/3 inch, 1 inch, etc. it has threads on both ends. It has a directional arrow printed on it.

It directs how water should flow when feeding the system. Non-return is to stop the water from returning into the borehole or feeding surrounding neighbors.

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