Types Of Non Return You Need To Know

Depending on the working mechanism, various types of non-return valves are available in the market. Some of those are:

Swing check NRVs: In this type of non-return valve, the movable part that allows/blocks the fluid flow swings on a hinge or trunnion.

Types Of Non Return You Need To Know
Types Of Non Return You Need To Know

Stop check NRVs: Stop check non-return valves possess an override control that stops the flow. It does not depend on the fluid pressure or flow direction.

Ball NRVs: The ball type of NRV features a movable spherical ball to block the flow. Sometimes they are spring-loaded.

Diaphragm NRVs: This type of non-return valve uses a diaphragm (usually made of flexible rubber) that is controlled by fluid pressure.
Types Of Non Return You Need To Know
Types Of Non Return You Need To Know

Selecting a Non-Return Valve

Selecting the proper type of NRV helps in smooth, trouble-free, low-maintenance, long-term operation. The selection of an NRV is influenced by various parameters like:

Type of fluid to be carried.

Location of the non-return valve

Pressure and temperature of the flowing fluid.

Hydraulic characteristics like minimum and maximum flow rates

Closing time (Slow, normal, or fast-acting)

Installation type; Vertical or Horizontal


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