Why Do Boreholes Collapse?

There are several factors that contribute to the collapse of boreholes

Failure to do a proper Geo survey to determine the underground stability structure as well as the water levels can cause a borehole collapse if the site chosen has a weak soil table and poor/wrong casing is used without the proper reinforcements.

Why Do Boreholes Collapse?
Why Do Boreholes Collapse?

Another factor is the use of the appropriate rig. Considering that the borehole can collapse while being drilled as each drilling rig is designed for different terrains.

Usage. Over usage resulting from over pumping by the owner can result in failure of the borehole especially in areas where recharge rate is less than discharge rate.

Using the wrong/ improper installation gear during installation.

How To Prevent Boreholes From Collapsing?

The first line of defense is to carry out an extensive GEO survey to determine the perfect place to drill your borehole with a stable soil bed structure.
Why Do Boreholes Collapse?
Why Do Boreholes Collapse?

Once that’s done the drill rig needs the appropriate hole-trajectory selection to keep it tight and straight. Using the correct hydraulics to control the corresponding circulating density (ECD) also helps in the prevention of a possible borehole failure. While in the process of drilling constantly checking changes in (torque, circulating pressure, depth, fill-in during tripping) will add in drilling a stable hole.

It's essential to minimize the time spent in open hole without inserting or setting up supporting structures. And this leads to the most crucial and key element in preventing borehole collapse, which is using high-quality equipment and casing will ensure a long life of a borehole.

It’s also equally important to do regular maintenance check-ups on your borehole due to changes in the water table, water output and recovery rate, casing integrity. Over time it can weaken because of changing underground pressures

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