World Water Week with DrillForce Drilling

The global water crisis is alarming. With 2.1 billion people worldwide without access to a clean water supply in their home, we need to take action urgently if we’re to meet Water and sanitation for all by 2030.
World Water Week with DrillForce Drilling
World Water Week with DrillForce Drilling 

Unlocking access to clean waterOver

1.1 million people in Africa and Asia have access to better sanitation through Reall’s affordable housing

Reall has built over 97,000 in-house toilets – improving the lives of over half a million people

Reall has pioneered innovative decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) and sanitation for  low-income households in Kenya, Nepal, and Zimbabwe.

The impacts are life-changing

Health improvement – Access to safe water leads to improved health, dignity, social status, cleanliness and overall wellbeing of families

Gender parity – Indoor water frees women and girls from hours spent collecting water for the family, allowing time for business ventures, learning or childcare. Access to sanitation, allows girls to manage their period hygienically and with dignity, reducing the likelihood of missing school

Pandemic resilience – Widespread access to water prevents an estimated 10% of global disease and handwashing provides a frontline defence against future pandemics like Covid-19

Economic growth – Illness, due to lack of sanitation, causes an estimated cost of up to 5% of GDP. According to the World Health Organisation, every £1 spent on sanitation has a return of £5.50 from increased productivity and lower health care costs
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