What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.

A submersible pump is a mechanical equipment that works by pushing the water toward the surface instead of pulling it. It has a hermetically sealed motor connected to the pump body that helps to push the fluid toward the surface the pump is also used to transfer fluids from one location to other.  
What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.
What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.

A submersible pump mainly used to pump water from the wells toward the surface by changing the rotatory motion (speed) into kinetic energy, and diffuser blades further convert this K.E into pressure energy.

Borehole Drilling is to reach an aquifer or water source deep below the ground, but that’s not where the drilling stops. To ensure the borehole will have ample supply and long life, we will continue to drill below the water table. Bedrock boreholes are usually between 60 and 120 metres but in some cases can be more than 120-meter-deep.
What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.
What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.

After completion of borehole drilling follows installation of plain and perforated casings. Casings are long pipes made of steel or plastic which line the new well to prevent collapse during drilling and contamination of the water below. Between the borehole wall and the casing is a two-inch gap called the annulus. This is filled with gravel pack to prevent contaminants from the surface getting into the borehole and ruining the water source supplying it

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The significant benefit of this pump it prevent its self from cavitation, these pumps are known as submersible pumps because these submerge entirely in the water. Therefore, the principal purpose of these pumps is to pump water out of the tanks, wells, or other vessels by submerging into the water or other fluids. These pumps also use in hot water-heavy oil applications where pressurized liquid from the ground is used to power a hydraulic motor in wells instead of an electric motor.

There are many applications of submersible pumps in different industries. For example, single-stage submersible pumps use for industrial, sewage, and drainage purposes, and multi-stage pumps are preferred for industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential purposes.

How Submersible Pump works?

The working of the submersible pump is a little bit different than a Jet pump. Because jet pumps transfer the fluid by pulling it while submersible pumps transfer the fluid by pushing it. A submersible water pump is a machine that is linked with a completely sealed motor. It is a type of centrifugal pump. Therefore, its working is very similar to other. Submersible pumps submerge entirely in the water.

During the working of the submersible water pump, it pushes the water toward the surface. As the water of well or reservoir enters into the pump by the foot valve, it strikes the impeller. An impeller is a rotatory unit that has multiple fixed blades. This impeller is connected with an electric motor through a shaft. The impeller rotates with the rotation of the shaft.

As the water strikes the blades of the impeller, the blades convert the water kinetic energy into speed and increase the speed of the water. After passing through the impeller, the water enters into the diffuser, which further transforms the speed of the water into pressure energy. In this way, the diffuser increases desired pressure of the water; after that, pressurized water discharges through the outlet valve of the pump. In this way, submersible pumps push the water towards the surface.

What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.
What You Need To Know About Submersible Pump With DrillForce Drilling.

Types of Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps have multiple types that mostly use in different tanks and wells. The most famous types of submersible well pumps are given below:

Deep Well Pump

Stainless Steel Pump

Bottom Suction Pump

1) Deep Well Submersible Water Pump Deep well pump is a most famous type of the submersible pump. A submersible well pump uses to pump water from the well to your home or desired area. This pump fully immerses in the well water. Because it uses in a well, therefore it is known as a “submersible well pump“.

A deep well pump can also use for municipal purposes. An electric motor is coupled with the body of these pumps that also works underwater. Once these pumps start working, they must be completely submerged in the water. As a result, these pumps can often pump fresh or weakly acidic water.

2) Stainless Steel Pumps These pumps provide better performance than cast iron pumps. This type of pump is completely covered with stainless steel due to that it is known as stainless steel pump. The entire pump completely submerses in the water while working.

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