Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water

The availability of clean water is not a given even in the developed world. Mismanagement and human error have led to many incidents where contaminants such as arsenic, lead, or mercury have leached into groundwater, affecting drinking water and the health of those living in an area. 

Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water
Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water

Thankfully, governments and other institutions increasingly recognize the need for increased access to clean water worldwide. Here are some of the advantages of having access to clean water.
Improved Health

Studies have shown that living in areas with clean drinking water is associated with reduced rates of mortality, as well as a lowered risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Drinking contaminated water may also lead to an increased risk of cancer and liver disease.

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Besides that, numerous water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery are spread by unclean water. Clean water can help reduce the spread of these diseases, which has a positive impact on the health of the individual, her community, and society.

Additionally, clean water further boosts the immune system. Water is needed by the body to produce antibodies and fight off infections. In the event of a disease, those with access to clean water will have a better chance of fighting off the infection.

If the water you have is contaminated, use a water filter to purify the water to avoid contacting any of the above illnesses.

Better Food Production

Using clean water for crop production is much more efficient than using contaminated water. It is because contamination will reduce the productivity of crops, leading to lower yields.

clean water for crop production
clean water for crop production

In addition, clean water increases the crop's resistance to disease and pests. For example, water-borne diseases are spread by the organisms introduced into crops through contaminated water. These diseases can have a significant economic impact on an entire agricultural community because they can lead to high food costs.

Besides that, clean water also improves the taste and quality of crops. Clean water can be used for irrigation, leading to higher sugar content and better texture within the produce.

Improved Viability of Industry

The presence of clean drinking water has a positive impact on industry, providing a significant boost in business development and economic growth in an area.

Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water
Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water

In addition, clean water enhances industrial development since it improves operating conditions and increases productivity. Since clean water leads to cleaner machinery, fewer parts need replacement, resulting in a faster, more efficient production line.

Clean water also helps to reduce the operating costs of factories. Labor costs are lesser when workers are healthier, making the workplace more efficient and reducing the cost of production.

Cleaner Environment

Clean water is essential to the environment's health, as it helps maintain biodiversity and the natural resources within an area.
Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water
Five Advantages of Having Access To Clean Water

When there is no access to clean water, a diverse range of plants and animals perish. It means that a change in the ecosystem can lead to a change in the species found within the area. Strict regulations on water quality can help prevent this type of change from happening.

Additionally, clean water provides effective treatment of waste and sewage. This treatment leads to less need for landfills and stations as well as fewer health risks to those living in an area.

On top of that, access to clean water can help to protect the environment from pollution by reducing the amount of waste reaching the water. It, in turn, leads to fewer health risks and a cleaner environment.

Better Maintenance of Appliances and Sanitaryware

Appliances and sanitaryware rely on clean water to operate properly. Using clean water helps reduce the frequency of breakdowns and enhances the appliance's efficiency.

For example, clean water is essential for a faucet to function properly. Faucets use rotating joints to help control the water flow rate out of the tap. However, rust or debris in the water can cause clogs and cracks within these joints, leading to reduced flow.

Washing machines and dishwashers also depend highly on clean water. Clean water aids in the removal of dirt, bacteria and grime, which enables these appliances to be more effective at cleaning

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