What Happens During A Solar Panel Service

The purpose of a solar panel service is to check that the system is still in good condition and all elements are functioning as they should be. This will usually include a visual inspection, and an electrical inspection to check the electrical integrity of the panels.

Technicians will likely remove any debris and obvious grime from your panels during a service, but you'll need to pay extra for a full cleaning of your system.

What Happens During A Solar Panel Service
What Happens During A Solar Panel Service

A Good Service Should Make Sure That:

solar panels are clean, secure, and free of defects

no parts have deteriorated/corroded

vents are free of debris

switches don't have any defects

wiring hasn't been damaged or hasn't deteriorated

electricals are checked to make sure all components are operating as intended

fittings and cables are securely attached

the inverter display panel for recorded faults is working

access to the isolator switches hasn't been impeded

emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed.

One of the most important things that technicians will be checking for during service is to see if water has got into your DC isolator. This issue has been identified by the CER as the most common safety risk associated with PV solar systems.

A well-installed solar system should be inspected every five years. If you're not confident that the system was properly installed, or you have flat solar panels, more frequent inspections are probably a good idea."

What Happens During A Solar Panel Service
What Happens During A Solar Panel Service

We also strongly recommend buying a good quality monitoring system to keep an eye on your system's performance. "If you get an alert, call your installer and they will let you know if they need to come and check the system or not."

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