Getting To Know More About Drilling And Blasting?

These are techniques used in quarrying, mining and tunneling to derive economic value from rock masses through: 

- Creating a blast pattern
- Blast hole drilling into the rock surface
- Charging the blast hole with explosives
- Detonating them in a planned sequence to achieve different rock fragments.

The bulk of blasting in mines involves charging explosives into holes drilled in the rock. The mouth of the drill hole is called the collar and the end is the toe. Drilling is carried out by hand, hammer, and chisel which tends to be a tedious and slow process in hard-rock mining. The limitations to hand-drilled holes do not exceed 400 mm in length. 

Getting To Know More About Drilling And Blasting?
Getting To Know More About Drilling And Blasting?

In modern-day operations, mechanical rock drills are predominantly used. Blasting in a mine generally occurs in two phases, primary blasting, and secondary blasting. 

Primary Blasting - Involves breaking down of in-situ rock in development and stopping as well as by drilling holes in rocks. 

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Secondary Blasting - Is performed to get rid of overburden. Drill and blast design is a key component of my planning and management. Its major impacts are on safety and efficiency. Calculation of charge density (kg of explosives per cubic meter or tonne of rock) for different applications, rock types, and explosives is very theoretical. In practice, operation experience is beneficial for success in designing drilling and charging patterns for different conditions.

This article tackles blast hole drilling, techniques used for rock blasting, and hazards in drilling and blasting. DrillForce Drilling offers expert insight into industry best practices for drill and blast dust control.

What Is Blast Hole Drilling?

Blast hole drilling is a technique used in mining whereby a hole is drilled into the surface of the rock, to pack it with explosives and detonation. The intention is to induce cracks in the inner geology of the surrounding rock, to facilitate further drilling and associated mining activity. 

The initial hole into which the explosives are packed is known as the “blast hole”. Blast hole drilling is a primary surface drilling procedure used in mining operations. 

Where Is Blast Hole Drilling Used? 

Traditionally it is used wherever the mining company wants to explore the mineral composition or potential mineral yield of the area of their mining interests. Blast holes are a fundamental step in the exploratory mining process and can be used in both surface and underground mining operations. 

Blast Hole Drilling is carried out to break up rock and hard minerals to make it easier for mining crews to get to the resources being mined. 

Steps Taken In Blast Hole Drilling Process? 

(1) survey the location 

(2) researching the rock types and formations 

(3) plan the drilling patterns 

(4) drilling the blast holes 

(5) breaking up the rock 

(6) clean-up process.

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