Where is Blast Hole Drilling Used?

Blast hole drilling is traditionally used wherever the mining company wants to explore the mineral composition or potential mineral yield of the area demarcated for their mining interests.

Where is Blast Hole Drilling Used?
Where is Blast Hole Drilling Used?

Blast holes are thus a fundamental step in the exploratory mining process, and can be employed in both surface mining operations and underground mining operations to varying degrees with varying effects or results.

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Why is Blast Hole Drilling Used?

Blasthole drilling is essentially carried out to break up rock and hard minerals to make it easier for the mining crew to get to the resources being mined.

Basic Blast Hole Drilling Process:

Step 1 – Surveying the location

Before the blast hole drilling can begin, the proposed site needs to be inspected, and certain decisions need to be made about the hole size/diameter, the type of drill or drills that will be required, etc.

These decisions will be based on the findings of the initial site survey.

The site survey will analyze the nature of the proposed mining operation, the nature of the rock, soil, ground, and/or mineral in question, and will impact the road going forward regarding the blast hole drilling processes.

Step 2 – Research the rock types and formations

Once the surveying processes have provided the surveyors with the raw data, they will turn this data over to researchers, who will then do the necessary research to plan effective and safe drilling patterns.

Step 3 – Plan drilling patterns

Once the researchers have determined the most effective, efficient, and safest way to proceed, the project manager will take over and draw up the necessary drilling plans.

Step 4 – Drilling the blast holes

This is where the actual blast hole drilling starts.

So by now all the machinery will have been procured (hired, acquired, what have you) and will be on-site, and ready to begin drilling the blast holes! The researchers’ data will reveal how deep and how wide the diameter of the blast holes should be, as this will depend on the results of the survey.

In other words, on the nature of the mineral being mined, the nature of the surrounding rock/ground/soil, etc.

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