What Is Borehole Water?

Borehole water is a small, open, narrow shaft that is drilled into the ground, horizontally or vertically, to access water. It is how you get access to pure underground water that is naturally flowing. When it rains, the rainwater seeps through the layers of soil and rock and is known as groundwater. This can also be contributed to streams, rivers, and dams.

Advantages Of Boreholes And Borehole Water

Having access to a borehole or borehole water is an affordable option and is arguably the cheapest way to deliver water to homes and for crops. If there is a good flow of groundwater, once a borehole has been dug, it can be used for all water needs.

What Is Borehole Water?
What Is Borehole Water?

In normal conditions, groundwater that is tapped is safe for limited agricultural needs as well as for domestic use, but will most likely need some form of purification. It is always advisable to have this water tested before use.

Borehole water is suitable for domestic non-potable uses such as toilet flushing, car and clothes washing as well as watering of grass, gardens, and even crops. Borehole water is a surefire way of decreasing your municipal water usage from a tap – limiting that use to cooking, drinking, and bathing.

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