Hidden Difference Between A Track Loader and A Skid Loader?

When deciding on what type of loader to purchase, common questions relate to whether the loader is track or skid. The track refers to continuous tracks on the sides of the vehicle as opposed to wheels on the skid loader.

Tracks generally have a lot more traction and stabilize the loader better than tires. It’s also easier to move up and down steep areas, While operating costs might be higher, it does allow for work in different conditions.

A Track Loader
A Track Loader

Obviously, if you’re considering a track loader for sale, it’s important to remember this type of loader often requires a separate vehicle to transport it. Depending on the size of your track loader some owners find convenient transport methods which save them costs on chase vehicles or extra trucks.

A Skid Loader?
A Skid Loader?

Can Other Tools be Attached to the Front of a Loader?

While many loaders have permanent assemblies, there are some models with detachable parts. An assortment of attachment parts can include stump grinders, the classic bucket loader, hammers, pallet forks and even grapples used for tree clearing.

A loader with a variety of front end attachment options is definitely a good selling feature for companies looking at a loader for sale in their area. Purchasing a loader that has multiple function options will save money in the long run as one machine can perform several jobs.

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