The Best Time To Drill A Borehole?

This is a great question and most clients get confused and some lied to but DrillForce Drilling is here... But first know this, Questions and uncertainty are normal parts of having a well drilled on your property.
In fact, asking those questions is an important part of the process, so don’t be afraid to ask! Let’s look at the best time to drill a borehole and the best time is...


Yeah, some are going to ask why summer why not winter, This is because in summer the water table is at its lowest. By doing this, we hit the water at its lowest point, thus usually ensuring that for the rest of the year, the well never goes dry.
A day’s use may be concentrated into a period of one to two hours, often in different areas of the house at the same time (laundry, bathroom, and kitchen). The water supply system must be able to meet this type of peak demand. A conservative estimate is that a home will need about 150-300 gallons per day for two to four people to meet all these needs.

The Best Time To Drill A Borehole?
The Best Time To Drill A Borehole?

However, the borehole drilling industry is busiest during the Summer and Fall, which might lead to longer wait times. Also, because there is increased demand, there is increased usage of equipment, etc. A professional well drilling company such us DrillForce Drilling we have set a foresight to plan for these situations and our team is geared up for your next project we are DrillForce Drilling simply the best.

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