Advantages Of Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling In Zimbabwe...

According to the historical data, for clay layer the drilling speed achieves 12 m/h maximum

- For sand it is 20 m/h.

- For gravel cobble it is 1 – 1.5 m/h.

- For f 4 – f 6 level rock condition it is 1 – 3 m/h.

In general, drilling speed is 1.2 – 3 times faster than direct circulation drilling.

1. Giving sampling faster and more accurate direction of flushing air flowing is same with direction of the core going inside the tube, which cuttings are not contaminated by sloughing formation off the hole walls.

It helps to get an integrated core and gives an accurate formation log

2. High ratio of actual drilling time/ preparing time for rock formation, when drilling with tri-cone bit, the actual drilling time/whole rig working time is around 80 – 90%

Advantages Of Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling In Zimbabwe...
Advantages Of Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling In Zimbabwe...

3. High-quality good holes achieved less deviation on hole diameter from top to bottom, Clean on well bottom and less slope of well.

All of these can lead to higher water yield, In average it is 2 times less than direct circulation for time spent for washing well, meanwhile one third higher water yield compared to direct circulation

4. Lower drilling cost, reverse circulation drilling has higher drilling efficiency, and can get better quality well hole and longer life time for drill bit.

5. Larger diameter hole can be drilled, Drillers usually use it to drill large diameter holes due to it is easier and faster to clean the hole, especially for softer formations.

Above is all about the comparison or difference between Reverse circulation and Direct circulation regarding borehole drilling. For most of our water well drilling rig, it can work with both reverse circulation and direct circulation drilling tools, such as our DTH crawler-mounted drilling rig, trailer mounted as well as truck mounted drilling rig etc.

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