Importants Of Borehole Depth In Borehole Drilling...

The deepest borehole we have drilled as DrillForce Borehole Drilling was around 250 meters deep but DrillForce Drilling we tend to do things a little more low-key! We’ll only drill as deep as we need to, in order to provide you with a productive borehole guided with site survey report.

Deciding the depth that we will drill depends on two factors:

- Site Survey Report

- Water Requirements

The more water you need, the deeper the well, This is because we gain water by lining the well with a perforated class 10 casings which allows water through.

Importants Of Borehole Depth In Borehole Drilling...
Importants Of Borehole Depth In Borehole Drilling...

With a deeper hole, there’s more casing, and therefore more water filling the borehole, If you need a significant amount of water, we’ll want to drill to a deeper level to make sure you always have enough when you need it.

This is also backed up with the site report guiding us and showing us how deep we need to go and if there is still water the deeper we go.

In our experience, we’d usually drill an average water borehole to a depth of 60-80 metres this provides a reliable source of water in most areas. 

Importants Of Borehole Depth In Borehole Drilling...
Importants Of Borehole Depth In Borehole Drilling...

No matter what the environment is like, we’ll always perform a full survey of the location to make sure that we’ve got a good idea of the depth we’ll need to drill in order to get a good supply of water.

Drill With The Most reliable Borehole drilling company that is not only interested in your money but your health and happiness, clean natural underground water is the best water and the cleanest water for domestic, and commercial use so Trust Us Trust DrillForce Borehole Drilling with your next project.

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