Importance Of Pressure Tank On A Borehole...

To have a good and well-performing borehole, the submersible pump needs to be backed up by a pressure tank. The submersible pump is an electronic unit that is deposited at the bottom of the borehole and pump out water.

A pump is made of two parts that are mounted together, An electronic motor and a wet end. When powered the electronic motor runs the impellers inside the wet end and water is sucked into the pump and pushed up the borehole into the pressure tank. Then into the storage tanks and household taps.

Importance Of Pressure Tank On A Borehole...
Importance Of Pressure Tank On A Borehole...

We know some people who have boreholes are already wondering what a pressure tank is because they don't see it on they borehole system and some will ask if it's necessary to have a pressure tank on a solar system?.

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Let's first answer the first question, a pressure tank is a large metal cylinder that has 2 holes on it. The first is the first receiver of borehole water that is being pumped by the submersible pump before being fed into the system by the second hole known as the exit hole, But this is not just an ordinary exit but the pressure exit of highly compressed water, high pressure and speed.

Some would wonder, how does it work and is it worth having? Yes, it is worth having, here is why, because it's efficient and it archives maximum productivity with less effort in a matter of short time. It also saves the pump from overworking day in and day out by only pumping water into the pressure tank and letting the compressed air in the pressure tank do the pumping and feeding of the storage tanks and the household water systems.

In other words a pressure tank also acts as a booster pump since its purpose to make the water travel at high pressure and also used with pressure. Pressure tanks come in different sizes such as 20 gallons, 40 gallons, 60 gallons, up to 400 gallons.

The pressure tank also works as a water storage for usage and acts as storage tank for those without a water storage tanks such as 2000lt or 5000lt for water storage. Here are some of the importance of a pressure tank.

1, Efficient,

2, Safe

3, Durable

4 Reliable

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